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"That day, my agenda for the coaching session was to stop/decrease my procrastination. And the issue has been following me for some time already!

During the session, I discovered that I do not need to put additional pressure on me. Instead I can focus on the images that came to me during the coaching, which give me a sense of lightness within me. And from that space, I can start doing!

I am grateful that Karine supports me in visualizing and sensing the good feelings in me.

From this experience, I put in place a morning ritual that will support me to do the less loved work! And I am already thinking of using this skill with my own clients."

N. F. , Austria, Speech Therapist

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"I enjoyed the warm, friendly and open atmosphere during our calls. I really appreciate that you did not want to produce a certain result. I felt that you rather tried to reveal what is inside of me already and helped me get access to it and to integrate it into my daily life to help me following my vision."

Fabian Jakobi, permaculture farmer & gardener - www.einfachfroh.de, Germany

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"Thank you for holding the space and present with and for me; to help me find a deeper layer of my resistance that I am facing right now."

Nathalie A., Germany

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"I enjoyed working with Karine. Her patience and empathy opened time and space for me to sink in. I highly appreciate her reference to embodiment in our communication, feedback and exercises. 
Her gentle and respectful guidance helped me to clarify questions and regain focus on my intentions and projects."

Claudia Zimmermann, Germany

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"I had the feeling right from the beginning of our coaching relationship, that Karine was really present with me and saw exactly what I needed. I was able to trust her and surrender into the process. The work with her was incredibly deep and liberating. She held me accountable for what I wanted to realize. I'm very grateful for this, as I wasn't able to get this far myself."

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen, author, Journey practitioner and artist, Germany.


"Being coached by Karine has been a tremendous experience! Her genuine empathy showed from the very first contact, and made the sessions very comfortable, reassuring and quickly addictive, acting like a smooth interlude.

As I currently foresee a career & life reshuffling, Karine has led discussions and thinking with a lot of care, while gently challenging me to explore my inner self from new angles. She has also proposed cisored exercises to improve a general well-being and address specific concerns.

I strongly recommend Karine for anyone contemplating a life change and seeking support and guidance, as she provides coaching to the highest level of professionalism."

Technical advisor in the international cooperation sector, 45 years old, Laos.

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"Karine's presence allows me to look inward and find my own inner wisdom. Her curiosity and clarity help me transform from the inside out. Thank you for coaching me."

Kanya L., Bangkok, Thailand.


"Karine was sincerely interested in me. She used her inner senses to guess what was going in me. Her loving reflections and guiding questions supported me to experience a meaningful shift."

Veronique K., The Netherlands.

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"When thinking back at the sessions I had with Karine, what stands out for me is the extraordinarily high level of trust between us: as a coach, Karine is non-judgmental, very open and sensitive to all the things that are not openly expressed, and has a warm, empathic presence while still nudging me to stretch outside of my comfort zone.

Above all, I always felt that she fully respected my pace and my own conclusions, and supported me in putting them into action. When we started working together, I was still trying to find my stand as a coach. Even though I had a beautiful vision, I kept myself small with some old beliefs and fears. In my sessions with Karine, I have had few radical insights into what is holding me back and why. And I am now much more energetic in working towards making my vision come true.

Most of all, I sense I have more care and love for myself, and for all the aspects that make me who I am. Thank you, Karine!"

Kerstin, cross-cultural coach & mediator, www.kerstin-graebner.de, India & Germany

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